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Motor - Generator Set (code: 102-MOGE)

  • A set of two DC motors

  • Motors with the High technology without ferrious rotor which assures low friction, very low starting voltage, eliminates loses in iron, assures high efficiency and good temperature conditions

  • Very precise coaxial connection by a flexible Oldham coupling assures perfect connection of both motors

  • Motor M1 is connected with an optical rotation sensor OPTO. The output is connected to the frequency/voltage converter (conversion of the digital information about the revolution rate to an analog voltage value).

  • Motor M2 is connected with a linear tachodynamo TACHO with a very low moment of inertia.

  • The tachodynamo voltage is measured by following methods:

    • output AMP3 – tachodynamo voltage

    • output OUT1 – tachodynamo voltage with variable gain (enables normalization of responses)

    • output OUT2 – tachodynamo voltage with variable gain and filtration

  • Both motors are driven by precise power operational amplifiers AMP1 and AMP2 which are protected against overload

  • Independent driving of the motor M2 enables to load the motor M1 according to exercise demands

  • Block (FUNCTION) indicates the revolution rates in two modes – r/min or r/sec. LED diodes indicate the rotation direction

  • Display in the block FUNCTION indicates also error states of the motor-generator set (motor overload, too high rotation speed, unproper power supply – see tab. Error diagnostics)

  • The set is arranged in such a way, that besides a broad use in regulation techniques it can be used in the field of measurement of low power DC motors

Dimensions: 250×150×42 mm.

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