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System rc2000 - µLAB

Microlaboratory for electrotechnics, electronics, analog and digital technics

Modular Teaching System rc2000 - µLAB

developed and produced by our company, earlier

version under name Dominoputer

single common power voltage +5 V

full protection against wrong connection

mechanically durable gilded contacts

reliability and  durability proved by thousands of

students of more than 300 schools

high-quality, precise and highly stable components

high precision and stability of modules ensures

complete harmony between theoretical computations

and results of real measurements

consists of individual, mutually fully compatible 


designed for teaching electronics, electrotechnics and 

related fields on middle and university level

Measuring Unit ADDU

Measuring unit and rc2000 software allow measuring and generation of analog and digital signals. All measurements are real, nothing is simulated.

Unit is connected to PC by USB cable, all versions of  MS Windows are supported (Win2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) .

Unit includes:


  •  2 differential analog inputs

  •  1 differential analog output

  •  8 digital inputs and outputs

  •  2 counter inputs


Software rc2000

Thanks to Measuring Unit and software rc2000, teaching is supported by real experiments. Computer program provides different ways of collecting data and their presentation on screen.


Measuring Unit connected to PC can work in following modes:


  • Two-channel oscilloscope

  • One-channel oscilloscope and   analog generator

  • Current-voltage characteristics

  • Frequency characteristics

  • Logical analyzer

  • Logical analyzer and logical generator

  • Two-channel counter


The system includes a basic set of exercises which is (thanks to cooperation with schools) continually expanding.


Due to the versatility of the system it is possible with minimal adjustments to use exercises from almost any textbook used by your school.

Our exercises cover a wide range of subjects on a field of electronics, they demonstrate many abilities of our teaching system and serve as an methodical example of using μLAB modules and software.

You can download example of our exercise book in a Download section of our web or from a following link:


                    Exercise Book

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