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Measuring Unit (code: 101-ADDU)

  • The ANALOG & DIGITAL DATA UNIT assures measurement and generation of analog and digital signals. The measurement unit communicates with the PC via RS232 or USB port.

  • In connection with the rc2000 software the unit can be used in following measurement modes:

  1. Two-channel oscilloscope (program OSCILLOSCOPE) – two channel differential voltage measurement

  2. One-channel oscilloscope and analog generator (program OSCILLOSCOPE+GEN) – one-channel voltage generation and one-channel differential voltage measurement

  3. Measurement of V/A characteristics (program V/A CHARACTERIS­TICS)

  4. Frequency characteristics (program FREQUENCY CHARACTERISTICS) – measurement of amplitude and phase frequency characteristics

  5. Logic analyzer (program LOGIC ANALYZER) – eight-channel measurement of logic signals

  6. Logic generator and logic analyzer (program LOGIC ANALYZER+GEN) – eight-channel logic signals generation and simultaneous eight-channel logic data measurement

  7. Two channel counter (Program COUNTER)


Dimensions: 250×150×42 mm

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