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Thanks to the durable design and quality components we provide for all the modules a standard three-year warranty with the option of lending a replacement for the time  of repair. For software we provide a guarantee of free upgrade for the lifetime of Measuring unit.

Tailor made modules

In case you could not find in our catalog a module with specific features that you require, just tell us so and we shall develop and produce it for you.

Preparation of exercises

The universality of our system allows to use any of the usual high school and university textbooks, yet we provide our customers with a comprehensive set of exercise tasks with a wide range of focus.

At the same time, we are always ready to develop the specific exercises, so to speak "under consideration", for each of the schools, mainly because we want to facilitate as much as possible the transition to new teaching methods in the early stages of the use of the system .


For our customers we provide initial general training, on-demand then thematic trainings in areas that most interest a particular customer. All training throughout the lifetime of the system is performed free of charge, both in our training center in Prague (Mezivrší 47 see Contacts), as well as at the customer´s place.


The demonstration of system we offer either at our training center in Prague (Mezivrší 47, see Contacts) or directly at the customer. According to customer´s wishes we also offer a free of charge lend of system for long-term testing (on our risk), which is the best indicator of whether our system is for the school really useful or not.

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