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Three-Phase System Module (code: 126-3PHS)

  • Module designed for studies of the three-phase system features

  • Two main parts – a source part (SOURCE) and a load part (LOAD). Arbitrary interconnections are possible

  • Processor-controlled generator of three phase-shifted sine voltages

  • Incremental setting of the output voltage (Umax=0.1–10V)

  • Maximum (Vmax) or rms (Vrms) voltage value of the generated signal is displayed (push-button Unit)

  • Isolated generator outputs

  • Insignificant output resistance (Rout<0.1ohm) – generator behaves as an ideal voltage source

  • Generator outputs protected by an electronic fuse. Overload indicated by a red LED

  • Interconnection field allows for a star or delta connection with a symmetric or assymetric load

  • Current measurement in individual circuit branches by means of current/voltage converters

Dimensions: 250×150×42 mm.

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