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Force Sensor Measuring Unit (code: FSMU)

    · The module contains following basic parts: Source (SOURCE), Wheatston Bridge (BRIDGE), Amplifier (AMPLIFIER) and 

      Voltmeter (VOLTMETER), which allow any mutual connection
    · Processor-controlled source of four precise reference voltages
    · Gain setting in the range 1-1000 in ± 512 steps
    · The source voltage, bridge output voltage and amplified voltage are displayed
    · Floating voltage source output
    · Negligible output resistance of the source
    · Output protected by electronic fuse, overload is indicated by the red LED
    · The connection field allows the connection of different bridge types
    · Adjustable filter behind the amplifier to eliminate noise

Dimensions 250 x 150 x 42 mm. Weight 560g

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