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Teaching and training is based on real experiments with the System µLAB supported by the PC. High technology, system of electronic protection and high accuracy of all system modules assures perfect harmony between theoretical calculations and experimental results.

Modular Teaching System rc2000 – µLAB


The main emphasis is on explaining the basic principles of electrical engineering and electronics, therefore we pay great attention to the didactic qualities of the system.


Building of measured circles is instructive, control of microlaboratory is intuitive and measurementis are presented in clear manner. The system saves time and allows for a deeper study of the problems.

Turnkey solutions

Our customers may enter their client Web site filling their code and password and download the last version of the system SW as well as exercises tailor-made for their school.

1. Tailored sets and exercises

2. Seminars and training free

3. Three years full guarantee

Individual approach to customer

This motto could be summed up as a one of the basic philosophies of our company. The modularity of our educational system RC2000 - μLAB allows to assemble parts according to the needs of a particular customer, then the same is true about the services we provide - we always try to meet the demands that are placed on us. As a manufacturer and dealer in one person we can react faster and more flexibly than mere traders.

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