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About us

History of our company 

Czech company RC společnost s r. o. přístroje pro vědu a vzdělání was founded in 1990, however it  builds on previous experience of its founders, Ing. Václav Černoch and RNDr. Ivan Runczik (+2022), with teaching physics and electronics.

The result of their work from the late seventies and eighties was DOMINOPUTER educational system, the direct predecessor of the current system rc2000 - μLAB.

Although the system DOMINOPUTER was successfully used by a number of schools before 1989 (amazingly, some of surviving sets indeed still work), only post-revolutionary changes and the development of private enterprise allowed its creators to launch mass production and reach customers not only in the Czech and Slovak Republic, but also abroad.

At present, our system is used on more than three hundred schools, secondary, higher and university type in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, but also in Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, Belgium and Iceland.

Participation on exhibitions


During the past quarter century, our company has participated in many exhibitions at home and abroad, in many of them we won the awards, example might be a Gold Ampere of the eponymous exhibition in 1997 and the highest award of the exhibition Schola Nova (years 1996, 1997 and 2002), several times we also exhibited at the largest European trade fairs of teaching aids (Worlddidac Basel 1998, Bildungsmesse Didacta, 2003 in Nuremberg, Hannover 2006 in Cologne 2007). In Austria, we took part in exhibitions Interpädagogica (2004 Graz, Linz 2005 and most recently 2006 in Vienna), in Slovakia on exhibitions MEDACTA.

In 2012 we were awarded the quality seal by German AG Physikalische Praktika (Praktikumsleitertagung Aachen).

Photogallery - 40 years of our kits:

Photogallery - From seminars and exhibitions:

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