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By clicking  PDF icon you can download basic written materials and manuals describing System rc2000 - µLAB.

The descriptions and manuals are deliberately very brief, as one of the basic features of our system is its simplicity and intuitiveness of its controls, supported by perfect system of protection, which practically excludes damage from misuse.

Manual CZ

Quick Guide describing the use of the system

Catalogue of Modules EN

The catalogue contains a brief description of all products and their accessories.

Exercise Book EN

Examples of laboratory exercises serving for demonstration of the versatility of use area and for inspiration.

Software Installation Guide rc2000 EN
for Win7, 8 and 10


rc2000 software is used for processing and visualizing data produced by Measuring Unit (ADDU), cannot be used independently - nothing is simulated, all measurements are real.


After getting password you can download ZIP package with our software from Customer Section. We also send download links by e-mail, or you can request a installation CD, which is otherwise supplied with each delivery containing Measuring Unit. In any case, life-long free upgrade is guaranteed.

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